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iOS Version 9 and later
NOTE: Wi-Fi Assisst is on by Default

How to turn Wi-Fi Assist off

If you don’t want your iOS device to stay connected to the Internet when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, you can disable Wi-Fi Assist.

 With iOS 9 and above, by default Wi-Fi Assist will automatically switch to cellular data while you have a poor Wi-Fi connection.


  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select “Cellular“, “Settings” or “Mobile
  3. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap the slider for Wi-Fi Assist; On\Off.

Wi-Fi Assist

Learn more

  • Wi-Fi Assist will not automatically switch to cellular data if you’re on data roaming.
  • Wi-Fi Assist only works on foreground running apps and does not activate with background downloading of content.
  • For some third-party apps Wi-Fi Assist will not activate that stream audio or video, or download attachments, for example an email app, as these types of apps may use large amounts of data.

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