Microsoft is replacing its Upload Center with the Files Needing Attention starting mid-October 2019.

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MS upload center

What is Upload Center and what does this change mean?

The Upload Center is an application whereby the files that weren’t successfully saved to the cloud can be found. While working on a Word file opened from OneDrive or SharePoint, for instance, if you lose internet connectivity, then the file with the unsaved changes gets saved to the Upload Center.

Microsoft is replacing this application with a modern and integrated feature Files Needing Attention. With this, you can find your files, which were not saved to the cloud, in the main application itself. For example, an altered PowerPoint file, that was not saved successfully, can be found in the PowerPoint application under Open > Files Needing Attention

MS upload center

View inside the app when the Files Needing Attention will be rolled out for you somewhere between mid October – December 2019

Each app will show files for that specific app only, for example, to find a Word file that did not save successfully, you will find them in Word. For Excel files, you’ll find them in Excel, and so forth.

What to do with the file in Files Needing Attention?

Only the files which were not saved, mainly due to connectivity issues, will be seen in Files Needing Attention, you can either open the file and re-save it or discard it.

Will there be any data or functionality loss?


Microsoft will start rolling this feature from mid-October to complete by the end of 2019.

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