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3CX supports several VoIP phones models and it helps to make a call, check your voicemail, transfer a Call and set up a conference call from your Desk phone.

How to Make a Call

  1. Go to > Keypad then dial the number and press the send or enter button.
  2. Alt: from your Web Client select a contact/ extension or a number from a web page and press to call.
  3. The Web Client triggers the call on your Desk-phone if selected via the phone select or toggle

user manual

How to Transfer a Call:

  1. Blind Transfer: Press “Transfer” > dial the extension > press send/dial and hang up
  2. Yealink Attended Transfer: Press “Transfer”, Dial the number or select extension > press “Send” > announce the caller > Press “Transfer” and hung up.
  3. Snom Attended Transfer: Press the “Hold” button and dial the extension you want to transfer. If the call gets announce > Press “Transfer” followed by send /dial and Hung up.

user manual

Retrieving Voicemail from Your Deskphone

To check voicemail on your Deskphone need to follow the in-build specification of your handset.
For e.g.:

  1. Voicemail in Yealink T46/T48:
    • Press “message” button, or press “View” on the touch screen (T48G) and follow the voice prompt to check on your voicemail.
  2. Voicemail in Snom 870
    • Press the “message” button and follow the voice prompt.

user manual

Voicemail from any Deskphone in your Office

  1. Dial “999” and Press “#
  • Type in your extension number
  • You will then be asked for your voicemail PIN number. Type in your voicemail PIN number and then press ”#
  • Follow the voice prompts to check or delete your voicemails

    Conference Calls using your Deskphone

    To create a conference call from your Deskphone follow the built-in specification of your handset.For e.g.:

    Conference Call in Yealink T46/T48

    1. Make or Receive the call
    2. On the Touch screen press on to “Conference” button
    3. Dial the number of the caller you wish to add to the conference call and press “Send” on the touchscreen
    4. Press “Conference” on the touchscreen when the called party answers, the call will be added to the conference.
    5. While during the Conference call you can enable these features
      • Press the “Split” soft key to split the conference into two individual calls
      • Press the “Hold” soft key to place the conference on hold
      • Press “End Call” on the touchscreen, or press “Cancel” soft key to end the conference call

    Conference call in Snom 760/720

    1. Make or Receive the call
    2. During the call press “Line 2” to make a new call, this will automatically put the “Line1” caller on hold
    3. After the caller of “Line 2” answers the call >press “Conference”   soft key (“Cnf.On” for Snom 720). The calls will be merged, and you should see “700***” on your phone’s screen.”
    4. Press “X” button for leaving the conference.

    yealink phone

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