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Remote working has been made easy with 3CX, freedom and flexibility being the key traits. You can take your extension wherever you go, while safeguarding your privacy, as you no longer need to share your mobile number. It works on the concept of “one number”.

How to download the Apps in IOS or Android

  1. Go to > your Welcome email
  2. Go to > the app on your device, then tap on to the top left menu and then “Scan QR Code”.
  3. Now from your Welcome email Scan the QR Code.
    3cx office anyware-

Set up the Extension for Chrome & Edge

  1. Go to > your Web Client and click “Install 3CX Browser Extension” and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Activate the extension in the Web Client and it’s all set
  3. Once installed disable and remove the 3CX click to call extension.

How to Transfer the Call

  1. Go to > “Transfer” or “Att. Transfer”.
  2. Enter the extension or search by name then tap “Transfer” and hang up.
  3. In “Att.Transfer” Click “Transfer” if the call is announced.

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